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Stumbler Features

Tour Operator

Give your TD's and Pax
tour information at their fingertips

Web Admin and App
  • Build Itineraries
  • Add Unlimited Places
  • Define Passenger Lists
  • Create Media Rich Experience
  • Track PAX Location
  • Add Value to your Tour with Digital Guide

Simple intuitive interface to build itineraries, add places, hotels, travel information and PAX details

Tour Guide

Enhance Itineraries, Improve Communication
get peace of mind with Safety Tools

Web Admin and App
  • Organise your PAX Itineraries
  • Communicate information
  • Find a Lost Passenger
  • Access Critical Medical Information
  • Educate Your PAX with Rich Places Info

Keep your PAX location, Safety Details, Places Information, Itinerary and Contact Details on your mobile device.


Visual Itinerary, Guidebook, Mapping
and Safety tools wherever you go

App and Shareable Web Page
  • One Comprehensive Itinerary
  • Safety with I'm Lost Tool
  • Find Places with Mapping
  • Take Pictures and Share
  • Plan with Times, Dates & Maps
  • Communicate with Tour Guide

An enhanced experience with a digital Itinerary at your fingertips; incorporating images, detailed background information, mapping and location based safety tools.

Simple Administration

Easily Create Tours, Places and People

The Stumbler dashboard allows your back office to create and build rich itineraries. Tour Guides on the ground can update details and publish to PAX Apps, instantly.

Fully updateable, 'Live' itinerary, showing maps, locations notes and much more, allowing your PAX to plan and peace of mind while on the tour

Clear, fully-featured Itinerary
Dates, Times and Places including flights, hotels, restaurants and attractions.
Location-based Mapping
Find your hotel or attraction instantly using built in mapping.
Safety Features
Are you Lost? Use the emergency button on the App and instantly transmit your location to the Back Office and the Tour Guide.

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